Respond & Rectify to Reach

This area of consultancy initially aims to support you to implement rapid improvement at times where you are required to take remedial action to meet regulatory requirements, then going on to develop long term strategies to exceed requirements.

Service Improvement

If you are responding to a negative inspection outcome of ‘Requires Improvement’ or ‘Inadequate’, we understand it is a critical time for your business and you are under even more pressure to quickly have effective plans in place.

Your initial reactions may be emotive – anger, upset, guilt, disappointment and so you find it difficult to know where to start. That is where we will help you to take a step back and assess, we will be understanding, empathic and non-judgmental. Asking for support shows you are taking ownership of the report and the rating.

We will support you to develop strong and effective plans that address areas of concern and any enforcement notices, with rapid and targeted support for your teams.

Crisis Management

During times of responding to negative inspections, you may want more than support to develop plans, our consultants can provide additional management resource to implement and execute the required actions effectively and quickly.

At these pressured and stressful times, that can be very daunting, our consultants will be with you throughout the process, in your services and alongside key people within your business, We support, guide and lead, to ensure that together, we arrive at the best solution to deal not only with the immediate short-term areas of concern and challenges you face, but to ensure sustainability and work towards not only meeting but exceeding regulatory requirements.

Having additional presence can support with the added stresses faced by your team and individuals who use your service at these challenging times. We will also support with any subsequent meetings or inspections.

Complaints Review & Investigation

We can offer independent investigation of complaints & concerns, providing an impartial, independent view & outcome.

As a provider, how you manage complaints is a key indicator of the quality of your service, also the nature of complaints provides vital information to help you understand the quality of delivery. Not handling complaints effectively has the potential to impact negatively on the safety and responsiveness of your services.

Complaints and concerns are seen as an opportunity to develop and improve. Valuable information can be sourced from the process of investigation to implement learning and those lessons lead to service improvement and avoid reoccurrence.

Being open, honest, and transparent when things go wrong is key to The Duty of Candour. We can work with you to review your complaints & concerns, identifying any trends or patterns, and creating action plans to learn lessons and reduce the risk of re-occurrence, subsequently improving satisfaction.