Empower & Evolve for Excellence

This area of consultancy aims to support you to build, develop and grow your business and services. Supporting you to gain and develop the resources you need to evidence excellence.

CQC Registration Processes

You may be new to the health and social care sector and want to speak to us about setting up a new, compliant service or you may be looking to expand your existing CQC registered services.

We can support with the complexities of registering as a new provider, registering additional locations or regulated activity or support those who are registering as a manager.

We will help you prepare and review your registration documentation and identify any elements of your application that requires amendment or improvement prior to submission.

We can also support with on-site visits prior to location registration to ensure compliance and that you experience a seamless registration process.

CQC Inspection Processes

Whether a new or established provider, we can support you to understand the inspection process.

We provide insight into the discussions inspectors will have with staff on the day of the inspection and how you can prepare them, along with how to focus on good practice throughout the inspection.

We support you to have the documentation, records, and evidence that the inspector might want to see during your inspection (See Evidencing Excellence below for more information)

We share common themes and pitfalls from inspections that result in ‘requires improvement’ and ‘inadequate’ ratings.

We help you identify the areas you need to improve, so you have developed action plans ahead of any inspections and you can evidence you are working in a proactive way.

Evidencing Excellence

To achieve Outstanding, it is not enough to answer questions well during an inspection, and you should not rely on the inspectors being able to sift through and find evidence of outstanding practice. You need to be proactive and provide inspectors with the evidence they expect to see.

We can support you to set up systems to evidence your excellence, and processes that will allow you to constantly update these, so that you can give these to inspectors and local authorities during inspections and contract visits.

Policies, Procedure & Documentation

We have full CQC compliant policy and procedure packages, to support quality delivery of services. All policies and procedures provided are personalized, including your company details and logos.

We can offer:

  • One off package of policies and procedures
  • One off package of documentation
  • Individual policies, procedures, and documents
  • An update service where we issue updated versions
  • A full review of your current policies and procedures.

All of our policies and procedures comply with all relevant legislation and regulations, including but not limited to Health and Social Care Act 2008 (Regulated Activities) Regulations 2014, Care Act 2014, Fundamental Standards (Regulations) 2014, HASAWA 1974

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