Assess & Appreciate your Achievements

This area of consultancy aims to support you to not only identify where improvement is required and act proactively, but also to focus on the positive aspects of your service; to build on this. Achieving an Outstanding rating from CQC can seem like a difficult task, but for providers, it is an ambition you all aim for.  

It is important that we all celebrate the good as well as developing achievable plans to improve.

Mock Inspections

A mock inspection allows you to be proactive ahead of any inspection and will replicate CQC’s inspection methodology, covering all 5 key questions and based on the Key Lines of Enquiry (KLOE). 

Mock inspections can be carried out announced or unannounced. 

After completion, we provide you with a detailed report based on the judgements made during the inspection visit, highlighting areas of good practice and achievements, as well as an action plan suggesting improvement or development plans to work towards that achievement of Outstanding. 

Should you require, we can provide ongoing bespoke support with action plans, ensuring they don’t become just a paper exercise. Modifying the plans to reflect your business goals, identify potential obstacles to achieving these and, devising strategies to overcome them, ensuring plans don’t merely meet CQC requirements, but underpin your values and support the viability and growth of your business. 

Quality Surveys

We can offer independent and impartial Quality Assurance Surveys, taking an impartial and independent view, while managing the whole process for you. 

Surveys are prepared and sent out to all relevant individuals, providing them with the opportunity to participate, this includes individuals who use your service, relatives, professionals, and staff. 

Upon receipt of completed questionnaires, they are analysed, and you are then provided with the data and a detailed evaluation report, which identifies areas of good practice and makes suggested improvements based on the results. 

Reports are offered in a variety of formats depending on your service area to allow you to share the outcomes with stakeholders.